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About the Foundation

The 2004 establishment of the Robert F. Terry Jr. Foundationwas inspired by Robert "Bobby" Terry, an eight-year-old boy from Walpole, Massachusetts. In December of 2000, shortly before his third birthday, Bobby was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Over the six years of chemotherapy, surgeries, radiation and countless hospital stays, Bobby, his parents, and his three younger siblings showed resilience beyond most people's imagination.

Like most families with children suffering from brain tumors, Bobby actually endured the physical effects of his brain tumor, but his entire family shared in its impact.

The affects of pediatric brain tumors reach every aspect of a family's life. Families are permanently impacted emotionally, financially, and physically due their child's illness.Health insurance covers very little financially in the overall care of a child with a brain tumor. Resources beyond insurance via social programs are very limited and they rarely meet the needs of these families during such a difficult time. A stressful and exhaustive situation is often exacerbated by the climbing financial burden a sick child.

The goal of the Robert F. Terry Jr. Foundation is to help families experiencing the devastating effects of pediatric brain tumors with financial assistance for non-medical expenses.  We help with the day-to-day expenses while children are on treatment. The mortgage, the rent, the lights, the heat; you name it.  In relation to other pediatric cancers, the number of children with brain tumors is relatively small thereby limiting the financial assistance and research dollars available. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, over the past nine years the Foundation has been able to help over 200 families from the Jimmy Fund Pediatric Brain Tumor Clinic at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and around New England ease their burden during unimaginable circumstances.

All proceeds raised go to the Robert F. Terry Jr. Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) organization; so your donation will directly help the families of kids fighting brain tumors. Check out our  video and you'll hear straight from the families just how important our work really is!

So much money goes to research, which is vital; but so little goes to help families stay in their homes and keep the lights and heat on while they are waiting for the cures. We feel it's vitally important these families spend their precious time focused on their sick child and not on the bills. With your help we can ease their burdens while they wait for the cure. 

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